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We are well informed of how important are the social media to promote your commerce, but now we have gone one step further. Social networks are becoming more and more common to use as a tool for buying and selling. According to an announcement made in December 2014 by Kevin Systrom, CEO of Instagram, the photo sharing network has passed the 300-million user mark.

Taking advantage of the moment, Brazilian company Gerencianet saw an opportunity in making transactions directly via Instagram and is now preparingLetsell, the only app that allow you to buy and sell through Instagram.

Letsell was developed for people who want to advertise any object they wish to sell, whether new or used, without bureaucracy.

The application affords an excellent chance for companies or ordinary people to use Instagram as a sales channel.

If a transaction goes through a fee is charged to the vendor, while the person making the purchase doesn’t pay any fee at all.

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The release of Letsell is scheduled for the beginning of March in 9 countries: the United States, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and Andorra. The app will be available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

The app is free, and when it comes to making a bargain over the internet, it’s equipped with basic tools. One example is an online chat function that works as a channel for sellers and buyers to negotiate. Another feature is that the application covers the whole payment process. PayPal was chosen as the means of payment to make it possible to use Letsell in a number of countries, even in situations when the parties are in different countries.

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The app can be installed in Android or iOS tablets or cell phones so users can track purchases, sales and records of negotiations.

Those interested can register at: to get information on this exclusive new product.

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