Don’t follow the leader


Today, I would like to share a concept that I took note from a book(both title and note are the same with original writing.). It is quite worth to take a glance and hopefully you will get something from it. Even if you may have another point of view on that note,  yes, it’s no problem because it’s your freedom and welcome to freely discuss.

Marketers (and all human beings) are well trained to follow the leader. The

natural instinct is to figure out what’s working for the competition and then

try to outdo it – to be cheaper than your competitor who competes on

price, or faster than the competitor who competes on speed. The problem

is that once a consumer has bought someone else’s story and believes that

lie, persuading the consumer to switch is the same as persuading him to

Admit he WAS Wrong. And People hate Admitting That They’re Wrong.


Instead, you must tell a different story and persuade listeners that

your story is more important than the story they currently believe.

If your competition is faster, you must be cheaper. If they sell the

story of health, you must sell the story of convenience. Not just the

positioning x / y axis sort of “We are cheaper” claim, but a real story

that is completely different from the story that’s already being told.

____ Seth Godin, author / entrepreneur (from Be a Better Liar)

Enjoy reading!!!

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