Dragdis: The ultimate Bookmarking service

In the age of information overload…Dragdis is the ultimate bookmarking tool that pulls it all together.

This extension helps you curate and organize your resources as soon as you come across them thanks to an extremely simple sidebar.

Launched early March this year, Dragdis works by installing browser extension that adds this bookmarking functionality when you need it.

It goes without saying that there are plenty of tools and utilities, which do this job, like Evernote, Pinterest, Springpad, Finland’s Kippt and Pocket. But none of them focus on easing the process, most of the bookmarking tools you need to do a lot of actions to save anything. However with Dragdis all you need to do is simply drag and drop any link, text, image or video into a folder in the Dragdis bar that appears on the right side of your browser once you start dragging. Very neat.

Once in Dragdis, everything is stored in the cloud. They currently support Chrome, Safari and Firefox. You can have access to your selected apps too, like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote and Pinterest, for example.

The Lithuanian-based startup was founded back in 2012 by first-time entrepreneurs, Domas Sabockis, Karolis Malcevičius and Eugenijus Jusas. Sabockis explains he got the idea for the service while working in an ad agency as a creative, where he was constantly losing images, videos, links he found on the internet. After trying different tools and not finding one he really liked, he decided to quit his job to build Dragdis.

Check out this Dragdis video and see it in action.


Interested users can sign up here.

What do you think of this simple application?

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