First Hackathon event in Myanmar


What’s hackathon?

hackathon (also known as a hack dayhackfest or codefest) is an event in which computer programmers and others involved in software development, including graphic designers, interface designers and project managers, collaborate intensively on software projects. Hackathons typically last between a day and a week. Some hackathons are intended simply for educational or social purposes, although in many cases the goal is to create usable software.

The word “hackathon” is the words of “hack” and “marathon”, where “hack” is used in the sense of playful, exploratory programming, not its alternate meaning as a reference to computer crime. (ref:

Code for Change Myanmar

A new initiative to help the tech community in Myanmar tackle some of the country’s most pressing problems. Code for Change Myanmar is supported by Internews, an international NGO, whose mission is to empower people through better access to media and information. (ref:

Who will involve?

Myanmar’s young developers and designers join the event to develop the apps which would solve daily issues of the people.  The event is aimed at solving daily problems of the people with new ideas and technologies, according to its organizers.

Two main parties

#problem solver#

__ Myanmar’s best developers, designers and entrepreneurs come together to use technology to solve some important problems in Myanmar. The problems are being submitted by NGOs/CSOs.

#problem submitter#

__NGO/CSO in Myanmar

__working on an important issue or problem and need technology help

__submit such problems to Myanmar’s first-ever hackathon.

Hackathon Day in Myanmar

– held on 15-16 March 2014 in Yangon.

The event brought developers, designers and entrepreneurs together for 48 hours to figure out ways in which technology could help address some key problems in Myanmar.

Powered By

– supported by The World BankOoredoo Myanmar, and Singtech Myanmar

Myanmar’s first-ever hackathon event was successfully finished and the first price is won by “Nil Bug” team with the title of “Location-based pest alert and community network for farmers”.(Proud of you Myanmar guys)

As a summary:

  • 76 hackers
  • 17 teams
  • 8 NGOs’ problems
  • 48 hours

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