How to use Thanks & Thank you properly


In our daily conversation or text messaging, we used to use ‘thanks or thank you’ frequently.
Here are some more detail and correct usages of it.

In English, ‘thank you’ is more formal and polite usage than ‘thanks’.

Thank you



– thank you very much

– thank you ever so much

thank you a lot

– thank you very much indeed

thank you indeed

– thank heavens, thank goodness

thank you heavens, thank you goodness

– thank you for + ving (thank you for coming)

thank you for your coming



thanks you 

– thanks very much

– thanks a lot

– thanks very much indeed

– thanks heavens, thanks goodness

– thanks for coming

yes, please (thank you)

If someone offers like that, would you like another piece of cake?

yes, please (or) thank you (or) thanks

Yes, thanks (when you accept other offer)

when deny others offer,

– No, thank you. (or) No, thanks

It’s OK -> yes, thanks

How to reply if other people say ‘thank you’ / ‘thanks’ to you,

– Not at all

– You’re welcome

– Don’t mention it

– That’s all right

– That’s OK


__credited to Teacher HayMar

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