Getting Real for startups


Let’s start a new blog post. Today I would like to introduce a book,

of course, if you’re an entrepreneur, designer, programmer, or marketer working on a big idea and want to build

A successful web application

with the smarter, faster, easier ways

Here’s we go: Getting Real (

This book is created by 37signals that produces awesome software products and one open source web application framework(Ruby on Rails).

Book Outlines:

1) Introduction

– Getting Real is actually building the real things what customers need and eliminates anything they don’t.

– You don’t need tons of money or a huge team or a lengthy development cycle to build great software.

2) The Starting Line

– Build Less : Underdo your competition

– What’s Your Problem? : Build software for yourself

– Fund Yourself : Outside money is plan B

– Fix Time and Budget, Flex Scope : Launch on time and on budget

– Have an Enemy : Pick a fight

– It Shouldn’t be a Chore: The less your app is a chore to build, the better it will be. Keep it small and manageable so you can actually enjoy the process.

3) Stay Lean

4) Priorities

5) Feature Selection

6) Process

7) The Organization

8) Staffing

9) Interface Design

10) Code

11) Words

12) Pricing and Signup

13) Promotion

14) Support

15) Post-Launch

16) Conclusion

I just introduced just top two chapters and if you would like to dig more, for completed reference, I attach English PDF version of this book. Please take a look and dig the content as much as you can.

Getting Real [ebook by 37signals]


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