PANDA: Relaxed Buzzfeed for Web Design

Panda  is the fastest way to get your daily design inspiration and news. This website (or Chrome extension, as you prefer) helps you keep up with industry news and inspiration from a variety of sources in one interface. From the moment you installed it, Panda is going to appear every time you open a new tab.

It can likely fit well with Web Workers of all stripes, but it is probably more oriented to front-end designers.



On the left hand side of the interface we have Panda’s news feeds playing the latest and most popular info from Hacker News, Designers News, Growth Hackers among others (classified by popular or latest).

On the right you can get some visual inspiration, featuring acclaimed sites like : Awwwards , Dribbble and Behance .



The overall goal is to filter the content from around the web and present it nicely, without having to click around to countless websites. Never miss anything, again.


Panda doesn’t allow users to submit their own sources. Instead, co-founder William Channer, explains that the focus is on quality not customization. By sourcing sites where the community has already voted on what’s on trend.


Panda is nicely done and is probably worth a bookmark.


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Nuria Monclus Cols
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